It’s yesterday.  My heart is hardened and I feel nothing but hatred and disgust.  My anger opens my eyes to witness fraud; perpetration and deception unfold before me.  My emotions and intellect at fisticuffs.  The enemy has snared me attempting to steal my spiritual wealth.  I’m infuriated by my stupidity and can only blame myself.  These flames of fury are burning haphazardly yet I pause to pray.  Rejecting, and refusing to continue to fall prey, I vehemently walk away.


Today I’m bothered and confused, broken and bruised, violated and misused. This hurts so bad… My pain is devastatingly piercing me, defeating me, killing me and I’m…I’m blinded by complete darkness, deafened by utter silence, sickened by deep conviction tearing me apart internally like acid scorching my flesh. Like…rusted hooks tearing through my skin.  And… the beast has left his bite mark on my soul, leaving me limp, mutilated and in such agonizing pain.  Blackened cumulous clouds mocking my every movement and I’m partying in my pity. My tears drop like crocodiles diving in the Nile.  Yet…I’m beginning to heal from this calamity, this sorrow, and it’s finally tomorrow.


It’s…tomorrow.  I inhale the morning air …the coolness calming my senses.

Nocturnal restlessness - a thing of the past.  I’m feeling free at last.


God's healed my broken places

Exchanged my boon with many aces

Bread crumb trails to yesterday, no traces

Euphoria is now my stat-us


There was a master plan embedded even in that mess.

Saved by grace, rejecting all doubt, all fear, all stress.


And now…my life, my hopes, my dreams are deliciously read

Like eating chocolate ice cream why snuggled in bed.


His presence has overcome me, setting me free

renewing me with the dawn. I almost gave up,

but His redeeming power gave me the strength to move on.

~Teri Ford