Finish Line

The Finish Line


My expression is focused and relaxed like a poker pro. Don’t believe it though. Because inside my mind is racing, searching haphazardly the direction in which to go. Life…something that used to flow so easy – and as effortless as inhaling the midnight breeze is now an arduous task. One false move has the enemy overtaking my soul and brandishing that unforgettable mask. Like the zones of twilight, threatening to permanently deform my face. But I have the power and the strength to take the lead in this often-tense race.

So my expression? Yeah its elusive but for good reason... No longer will I get caught up in the snares, this is my fighting season. Even if I’ve got to encourage myself until I make it to the finish line. God says it’s already done for through Him the victory is mine.

He gave me the authority to change everything in my life and to be mindful of any trickery and distraction. Keeping my eyes wide open to see exactly what is happening.  You see, God commanded me to rise and I’ve got my sight fixed on the eternal prize.

My battles may be many because of the paths that I chose but with every passing day my testimony grows and grows and grows. And I’m willing to be that example for God’s kingdom if it helps to win back lost souls. So Satan, and Satan’s puppets it doesn’t matter what you have to say for on this day I stand flat footed with the knowledge that all of God’s works are wonderful, including me.

Like the blooming wild flowers
And the monarch butterflies
The graceful white swans
And the early sunrise
Like a solid rock mountain
The vigorous ocean waves
A fearless lioness
Those awesome spring days
And the tallest evergreen tree
All things bright and beautiful
Don’t you see?
A God given gift
Nobody can take that from me.
And no one can take that from you!
I know it to be true.

So when the time comes that you have no fight left within
Let God’s spirit rise within your soul and be your strength.
Be encouraged Sis, in all that you do.
Realize your failed tests don’t define you.
Regardless of where you’ve been, God’s light will again shine through.
Keep your heart guarded from the fiery blows of the enemy
And rest assuredly that the darkness will flee
Fighting back to back ~ connected by God’s power
We are equipped to defeat any spiritual giant
Praying through each other’s dark hour
And when our storms have come and gone
We will be remembered as those that finished strong!

~Teri Ford