Agape Love

Agape Love


When I think of my sisters my hardened heart is softened
How God has blessed me, carefully picking true friends one doesn’t come by too often

An amazing mix of unique personalities seamlessly well meshed
Like a rainbow or a bowl of jelly bellies keeping my spirit afresh

Like a reverse domino effect, reaching for and uplifting each girl
Such a synergistic energy, riding the ups and downs of life together in this world

The beauty of ladybugs and butterflies dominating the wind
Knowing naturally the guidelines of being an unconditional friend

Never hesitant to comfort or wipe away tears from each others eyes
Daughters of the most high claiming victory as we rise

A love that is thoughtful, self-sacrificing, active and divine
A kinship unfortunately not every woman can find

Holding hands as we reach for the heavens above
I know without a doubt in them I’ve got agape love

~Teri Ford